Friday, November 11, 2011

Collar types

Collars in shirts go with various styles, sizes and colors. Importance of choosing the right one is underestimated by many. Truth is, that a collar lies close to the head, so it makes a strong impression on the apperance of ones face (it is often said that they are a frame to the face). You should pick a style and size that will ephasize your advantages and hide imperfections.

Point collar - One of the most common ones, with points resonably close together. The longer the points, the more they draw attention out of the face, downwards the body. This type of collar, especially a bit more narrowed, is a great choice for wide and short faces, as it tends to add more length there. Following from there, long-faced people should avoid them and rather pick the wide spreaded ones.

Spread collar - Also known as cutaway collar, has points not so sharp as the previous type. As the name indicates, it's wider and leaves more space for a tie. It shows more shirt underneath and brings focus to the upper parts of the body. Adds more proportional contrast to long and narrow faces. It is also important to notice, that spread collars are a bit more classic than modern point collars.

Buttondown collar - Great choice for a less formal apperance. It has little buttons on each of the point tips, allowing it to be buttoned down to the shirt underneath. And it should be always done, wearing this type with buttons undone is in a really bad taste.This type of the collar is nowadays more often seen without a tie, but it's up to you to wear one here.

Tab collar - One of the less popular types, it has a decorative bar behind a tie, that links two collar points together and brings the tie up. Great for an interesting tie knot and rather formal situation. Note that you should never wear this type af a shirt without a tie on.

Those just the basic collar types you should know. Choosing the right one is a personal thing for each person, because of diffrent body characteristics. And remember, It's all about balance, longer faces should be shortened with appropriate collar and vice versa.

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